The office is open by appointment only
every Wednesday .

UPDATE MADE ON 08/27/2020: At this time our appointment calendar is not available for the reasons explained below. Calls and e-mails requesting why/when will be available will NOT be returned because I already said everything there is to say in the paragraph below. If and when I will be authorized to reopen the calendar, I will do so immediately by posting the calendar online. Thank you for your understanding. As you wait for the calendar, I urge you to take all the steps needed to be in compliance with your AIRE registration because passport renewals are subject to proof of AIRE registration provided by the applicant through the FAST IT system.

Following the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local authorities’ guidelines, we are currently prioritizing passport applications/renewal requests from applicants that are only Italian citizens and reside in the US under a visa or green card (i.e., not dual citizens) holding an Italian passport that is already expired or will expire in the next month. If this is your case, please email us copy of  your Italian passport and copy of your American visa/green card to

If you are a dual (Italian & American) citizen, you will be able to schedule your next passport appointment as soon as we will publish our calendar on this same page. If you are a dual citizen with a serious emergency and need to travel to Italy immediately, please email the Passport Department of the Consulate in Los Angeles ( and include our office in cc ( with documentation proving the emergency and flight reservation in the name of the passport applicant.

ATTENTION STUDENT VISA APPLICANTS: As of July 20, 2020 the Italian General Consulate of Los Angeles is accepting applications for this type of visa only (no “elective residence”, please). To request an appointment, please send us an e-mail at (Re:appointment for student visa) and make sure to include your letter of acceptance/proof of enrollment from the Italian University/School.

No phone calls/emails requesting appointments/information on how to apply for Italian citizenship will be returned because that is outside of the scope of the services that this Honorary Consulate is authored to render. Please consult the web site of the General Consulate of Italy in Los Angeles/Passport and Services/Citizenship:

In order to obtain consular services, you must wear a face mask and bring your signed disclaimer. We will not assist applicants who do not wear a face mask and/or do not present a signed disclaimer.

For pension matters, please leave a message by calling our phone no. (480) 304-4620. We will call you back to discuss your case. PLEASE NOTE: this call-in appointment system works only for those who request an appointment to discuss pensions matters. For any other matter that is handled by this Honorary Consulate, and particularly for Italian passport applications, please use the online reservation system available on this page.