New hours effective May 20, 2020:

The office is open by appointment only
every Wednesday morning
from 7:00 a.m. through 9:00 a.m.

The only practical and effective way to maintain for the safety of everyone and keep delivering the services that are very important for our Italian community is by moving the operations of the Honorary Consulate outside, in the bocce area of the Arizona American Italian Club. I want to publicly thank its President, Mr. Joe di Tommaso, for being so sensitive and available in accomodating the needs of the Honorary Consulate during such challenging times. We will get through this if we help one another, and as Honorary Consulate we are trying to do precisely this. As I said many times, I accepted this role to serve and to help, not for the glory.

All prior appointments made during the afternoon hours (2:30 through 6:00 p.m.) are therefore canceled, and I invite all of you who had made an appointment (you should have received an e-mail of cancellation) to make a new appointment. There are no priorities based on your old appointment – it’s first come, first serve. We are sorry for the inconvenience; I would like to remind you all that this Honorary Consulate operates thanks to volunteers (starting with the Honorary Consul) and, as such, we just don’t have the resources to reschedule all pre-existing appointments by making individual calls. Help me to help you by being kind and understanding.

Please note: In order to obtain consular services, you must wear a face mask and bring your signed disclaimer. We will not assist applicants who do not wear a face mask and/or do not present a signed disclaimer.

For pension matters, please leave a message by calling our phone no. (480) 304-4620. We will call you back to discuss your case. PLEASE NOTE: this call-in appointment system works only for those who request an appointment to discuss pensions matters. For any other matter that is handled by this Honorary Consulate, and particularly for Italian passport applications, please use the online reservation system available on this page.

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